Indigo Blues – Batik block print, dyed in natural indigo plant extract:


Kaleido – Retro inspired floral bright close up (SS 12):


Abstract Linear – Bold linear all over design close up (AW 11/12):


Ornamental Motif – Bold Japanese inspired hand drawn prints (AW 11/12):


Seductive Lace – Lace inspired textural hand drawn print (AW 11/12):


Offbeat – Bright hand painted geometric print close ups (SS 11):


Oriental Explosion – Colourful unique designs mixing texture with ditsy pattern – close up (SS 11):


Dotty Waves – Swirling hand painted paisley and floral summer prints – close up (SS 11):


Eclectic Geo – Colourful geometrics mix with clashing prints, hand painted designs – close up (SS 11):


Monochrome Circles – Textural patterned hand painted designs (AW 10/11):


Textural Lace – Subtle, textured lace inspired hand painted designs (AW 10/11):


Moody blues – Textural geo inspired allover prints (AW 10/11):


Retro Dots – ditsy allover screen printed repeat (SS 10)


BA Honours Degree – Final print designs and mood boards (SS 09)