2 August 2013 | Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Sourcing: India

‘Third in a series of Beginner’s Guides to Sustainable Sourcing, in-country sourcing expert Emma McGinn delves into India’s rich textile history and brings us up to speed on the ample amount of high quality fabrics, printing, embroidery, garment production and artisanal excellence. New to sustainable sourcing in India? Look no further.’

28 May 2013 | Natural vs synthetic indigo dyes

‘SOURCE expert columnist Emma McGinn unpacks the difference between natural and synthetic indigo dyes and why natural indigo is more ecological. Image: Industry of All Nations denim dyeing’

24 April 2013 | The Colours of Nature: A natural indigo dye house in India

‘SOURCE expert columnist Emma McGinn meets Jesus Ciriza Larraona, the founder of The Colours of Nature – a natural dye company specialising in indigo fermentation, to discuss colour fastness and uniformity.’

10 December 2012 | Khadi on the catwalk

‘SOURCE Contributor, Emma McGinn, explores the resurgence and innovation of Indian heritage fabric, Khadi. She looks at several modern brands using Khadi in their latest collections and why the fabric is a good option both in terms of sustainability and functionality.’

3 October 2012 | Top 5 tips for working with artisans in India

‘SOURCE contributor Emma McGinn lives in India, where she is carrying out research and design practice, partnering with local artisans. Emma shares top tips both drawing from her own experience and from experienced professionals who work with small scale producers and artisans in India.’

2 April 2012 | The Sustainable Cotton Review: Part Two

‘In part II of this series, SOURCE contributor Emma McGinn speaks with Liesl Truscott, Director of Farm Engagement at Textile Exchange; Clare Lissaman, consultant on ethical and fair-trade and a director at the Ethical Fashion SOURCE Consultancy; and Georgina Thomas, Textile Specialist for the Soil Association, to offer a summary of key challenges and opportunities associated with sustainable cotton sourcing.’

27 March 2012 | Continental Clothing: Setting the sustainable factory standard

‘Continental Clothing’s state-of-the-art ‘Green Factory’ in India is a leader in the textile manufacturing industry in terms of sustainability, particularly carbon reduction. SOURCE contributor Emma McGinn, finds out more about how Continental Clothing is optimising resource efficiency through innovative social and environmental practices.’

8 February 2012 | The Sustainable Cotton Review: Part One

‘In part one of this two part series, the SOURCE’s Emma McGinn looks at the cotton market, organic and sustainably produced cotton from a competitive business perspective and businesses and organisations who champion the use and care of this most popular fibre.’

30 November 2011 | Style and ingenuity: ULTRA and Style & Conscience

‘While we are becoming more aware of what we buy and where it comes from, an emerging trend is toward style ingenuity. Ethically sourced and made, but also incredibly adaptable in design, SOURCE writer Emma McGinn looks at a new and exciting trend in sustainable fashion.’